Reno Omokri Befittingly Replies A Social Media User Who Called Him A Fool


The social media user’s comment came after the renowned author’s recent post about the head of the Deeper Life Church.

The former presidential aide was chastising people saying the head of the Deeper Life Church has been doing some unscrupulous activities to shut down the boy who was severely maltreated at a Deeper Life school.

Reacting to the comment by the social media user, Reno wrote;

“Dear Chidiebere Anthony Okeke,

Thank you for your comment. I am not Yoruba. However, I am proud of the Yoruba people. They are the most progressive race of Black people anywhere on planet Earth, having produced the first Black African Nobel laureate for an academic category (Wole Soyinka), and the first Black African military ruler to have voluntarily handed over to a civilian President (Olusegun Obasanjo), and the first Nigerian to win a Grammy Award (Sade Adu) as well as the first person born and bred in Africa to have won a Pulitzer Prize (Dele Olojede).

The richest Black African woman is Yoruba (Folorunsho Alakija). There are an estimated 15 Black billionaires on Earth. Three of them are Yoruba. More than any ethnic nationality in Africa.

US President-elect, Joe Biden, has just named a Yoruba man, Adewale Adeyemo, as deputy Treasury Secretary. This is the highest position to which a Black African has been appointed. Another Yoruba man, Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye, became the first person on Earth to successfully perform a surgery by taking out an unborn fetus from its mother’s womb and putting it back after the surgery.

With such a pedigree, I am proud that you addressed me as ‘ewu Yoruba’. May God bless you.”


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