Idol’s Zama And Brandon Are Dating

In an interview with the Sowetan, idol SA contestant Brandon revealed that he is in a relationship with winner Zama Khumalo.

Teenager Zama Khumalo emerged as the winner of 16th edition of the idol SA competition and according to her fellow contestant Brandon, he has been dating her even before the competition hit the screens. Speaking in an interview with the Sowetan Brandon said:

We are dating and we started dating in theatre week before the show even started playing on TV. It’s been months now but people will think we [just] started to date now.

When quizzed about how the competition affected their relationship he said:

It was so scary to be in the competition with her because I was so scared of her because she was one of the strongest contestants in season 16. But I love her. So we spoke about the fact that it’s a competition and we are not going to let it get in the way of our relationship.

It is believed the their relationship has really gotten serious even to the point that their parents have already met and are on really good terms.


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