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Livescore is the best site for statistics of sports events, which provides data on soccer and other 8 kinds of sports. The resource has a huge traffic and is popular due to its wide functionality, here you can not only get specific data on a particular tournament soccer result or match, but also follow the events online through the “Text commentary” while chatting with other visitors.

In addition to the fact that the platform provides the results of events in real time, the resource also provides detailed statistics for each participant in the competition. Such soccer results statistics are more accurate than those provided by the bookmaker. Since any bookmaker usually writes in the rules that he is not responsible for the exact statistical information posted on his website.

Livescore’s list of highlighted events can even outshine some bookmakers. On very “hot” days, for example, the number of events in the football section can reach 500 matches, different countries of championships and tournaments. So, it is not difficult to track the desired event.

Betting Tips for Beginners using statistics

Allow yourself sufficient time for analysis. Only meticulous preparation will protect you from failure:

  • Study the line;
  • review statistics;
  • take into account the form and motivation of your team’s opponents; 
  • work through as many factors as possible!

Don’t bet on unfamiliar disciplines. If you are good at football but only baseball games are available on the line, don’t wager. Forget betting on favorites to win with scanty quotes. Losing in such cases is very annoying: even champions often lose or draw. The probable gain is too meager to compensate for such losses. 

As an example of betting strategy, lets take strategy for total in football (over / under 2.5). In football, betting on total is very popular. You need to predict whether there will be 2.5 goals in the match or over 2.5. For this strategy, you need to select certain matches, conducting a preliminary analysis. Using statistics sites, analyze the teams’ previous games, their personal meetings, the current form, the importance of the fight, lineups, tactics, and only then place your bet. It is very important to calculate the percentage of how many times there were over/under in the last games, as well as throughout the season. Theory is extremely important, but practice is even more important. By combining these components, the chances of a profitable game in the bookmaker’s office will increase.

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